The Wise Foundation believes that all people and communities should have the opportunity to achieve economic independence through business. Our core mission is, ‘To strengthen communities through assisting the creation of innovative economic models.’

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Wise Foundation was formed in April 2008 to further the community development and social commitments of The Body Shop Australia, the Adidem group of companies and the Wise family.

The Wise Foundation is a registered Tax Concession Charity for the purpose of assisting marginalised people achieve meaningful participation in the community.

New pop-up store at RMIT university

The Wise Foundation is at it yet again. For the next 4 weeks we will be taking residence the RMIT University. Our store location is building 8 Level 4 Room 32 (at the bottom of the stairs to the Swanston Street Library).
We will be there from Monday the 16th of February 2015 until Friday the 27th of March 2015.
Trading hours are 9-5pm Monday – Friday.

We are excited to inform you that our Pop-up store is expanding its range of products that create positive social change. We are extremely proud to introduce you to Noosa Amsterdam and LSTN Head Phones and ear buds.

NOOSA-Amsterdam NOOSA-Amsterdam


NOOSA-Amsterdam wants to contribute to a better and more honest world. They do this by selling beautiful and meaningful fashion accessories. Their products are made using honest and natural materials. The Chunks® are unique and will allow you to personalise your own bracelet and bags. All Chunks® have their own individual meaning; they are based on symbols and traditions from various different cultures. The Chunks® are handmade by craftsmen from Nepal, Peru and Indonesia. Our Chunks® are handmade by passionate artists from communities in Nepal, Peru and Indonesia. This provides the communities with much needed employment. The Chunks® are made of fair and natural materials such as stone, rock, wood, pumpkin, shell, bone and ceramics. Every Chunk® is therefore unique, and may vary in color and pattern. The belts and bracelets are tanned with a natural process using vegetable materials such as the extract of South American quebracho wood, walnut and mimosa. Because of the unique structure of the leather, every bracelet and bag is different.

Lstn Headphones Lstn Headphones

LSTN Headphones

LSTN’s mission is to create a company that create global change by providing high quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing loss and hearing impairment. They're Giving Back. Amplified. The program wasn't an afterthought or marketing gimmick, it was the reason they started LSTN. They didn't just want to create another headphone company. They wanted to create something that could change the world.

Starkey Hearing Foundation In order to achieve their mission LSTN partner with the Starkey Hearing Foundation who currently provides 100,000 hearing aids to people in need around the world each year, and is committed to over 1,000,000 this decade. So not only do LSTN Head phones sell an amazing range of head phones that are all made from reclaimed wood. They are also making a huge impact on communities around the globe.

The future is looking Buffed

Buffed Chairman of the Wise Foundation Graeme Wise and Bank Of Queensland Managing Director and CEO Stuart Grimshaw getting Buffed at the Brisbane launch

Buffed, Australia’s first social franchise, provides the means for individuals who are long-term unemployed or underemployed to secure their own futures through small business ownership.

Buffed offers shoe shine and leather cleaning services from portable stands located within commercial office towers, boutique retail arcades and key transport nodes.

The Wise Foundation launched Buffed to create real business opportunities for people whose employment outlook is limited – such as recently arrived migrants, people with unstable health, or those who lack the basic skills required for mainstream employment. Buffed provides high-level support for franchisees through no-interest loans, business mentorship and dynamic marketing to ensure franchisees have the best chance of creating successful businesses.

Franchisee training focuses on more than just shoe care. Buffed emphasises customer service and business training and development to ensure that franchisees are assisted in both their short-term and long-term futures.

Buffed was launched in Brisbane in November 2011 and has stands in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Buffed was launched by founding partners Bank of Queensland, University of Queensland Business School and The Body Shop. Each site is owned and operated by individuals through a franchise agreement.

Visit or call (03) 8695 9625.